In House Capability

- 5 CNC Vertical Machining Centers, one 5-axis
- 3 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, full 4th axis
- 2 conventional, up to 80”x24” table
- 4 belt polishing units
- 2 surface grinders
- 2 tool & cutter grinders
- 5 CNC Lathes, 2-axis
- 3 CNC Lathes, 3-axis
- 2 conventional, up to 20" swing
- CMM, up to 36”x20”
- Optical comparator
- Full CAD/CAM suite, can process any standard document format (including CATIA, ProEngineer)

Partner Capabilities

Over 20 years in business, we have formed strategic partnerships with local suppliers in order to offer the following services with reduced lead times and preferred pricing:

- Heat treatments (hardening, annealing)
- Welding (fixture repair)
- Custom solid carbide tooling
- Non-Destructive Testing (all methods)
- Casting (all materials)







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